Saying No

Happy Friday!!

Thought I’d switch gears for this week’s post and talk about something I’ve been learning/practicing since the start of the year which is, saying no. “No” is not an easy word to say to someone (at least for me) especially to friends and family. So often I’ve said yes to doing things because I didn’t want to hurt the person’s feelings or have them think differently of me, but where did it get me?- it got me really upset and irritated.

At the end of the day, if you’re upset, bothered, and/or irritated you’re not fun. No one wants to be around that, nor do you want to be that person! So save yourself the misery and be selfish- say no! This year, my motto is do you! I know I’ve said it in previous posts, but say no to the things you know will not lighten your mood, will not make you happier, and say yes to those that will!

For me, that’s saying no to a lot of late night events because I’ve learned I’m not a night person! (I’m miserable, I’m tired, I hate the feeling of being exhausted the next day, the list never ends) So instead, I say yes to daytime activities. That being said, don’t say no to everything always!

Saying no also pertains to business and growth- don’t grab every opportunity that is thrown at you just because it’s an opportunity. If it doesn’t fit you and what you live for, what you’re trying to achieve, let it fly by. Something better will come along.

Be organic, be true, be original, and be selfish.

Today’s Look

I wore this outfit into NYC! I knew I wanted to put together a cute outfit, but comfort definitely overrides cute sometimes. SO I thought I’d do the dress and sneakers combo! Dress is from Zara (no longer online), but there are very similar ones linked below! Shoes are Target, but Soludos also has an amazing pair! Bracelets are handmade by SixtyStax (IG: @sixtystax) and I LOVE them. Clutch is also handmade by a designer I met this day in NYC, Julie Mollo (IG: @juliemollo) and seriously, what could be cuter for the summer?

Those are my Friday thoughts. Anyone else feel the same? (or not at all- HA)

Interested to know!

Have a beautiful weekend!!



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