Viv for your V

The products you put into your body matter (especially down there) and that’s why I love and trust Viv for your V organic and earth friendly period care. Viv for your V is a young, women of color owned business that is dedicated to making period products that are clean, toxin free, plastic free, sustainable AND biodegradable! Their products consist of pads, liners, cups and tampons, so there is something for everyone. I personally have been using and loving their tampons for 2 years. Made of an 100% organic cotton core with a plant derived applicator, Viv for your V is ensuring there are no harsh chemicals or plastics involved. When it comes to period products, I only want the best for my body and Viv for your V really gives me just that.

Viv for your V offers the most convenient subscription service ensuring you always have product on hand, no matter what – for that time of the month (major adulting hack!) Every new subscriber also gets a free Viv pouch made of waterproof neoprene with a zippered top perfect for storing all your period products (holds more than a full box of Viv tampons or pads)! 

You can now also find Viv for your V at CVS and Wegmans (use their store locater to see if they’re stocked in your local locations!)  Use code VIV15 always on all orders, including the first month of subscriptions! Shop here!

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