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Getting organized for trips can be so overwhelming sometimes… all the time. Over the last two years, I’ve really curated a list of products that are tried and true for helping me pack efficiently and aesthetically. Sharing them below 🙂  

Calpak Suitcase – Calpak makes the best suitcases that are both practical and chic. They come in multiple sizes which is great depending on the trip I’m going on. I also love that they include a locking system to keep my belongings safe. Always use my code, VIV10!

Calpak Duffel – This Calpak duffel is one of my favorite things ever. It fits SO much, zips on the top, has side pockets and slides perfectly on top of my suitcase- hands and shoulders free is the best feeling walking through the airport. Comes in limited edition and classic color ways! Always use my code, VIV10!

Calpak Packing Cubes – These packing cubes from Calpak have absolutely changed the way I pack. Not only do they help keep all of my clothes neat and organized while I travel, but I am able to fit double the amount of clothing! These are a must for me. Always use my code, VIV10!

Calpak Shoe Bags – Shoe bags also go hand in hand with changing my packing game.  They help to keep the packing process completely organized while also protecting and keeping the rest of my things clean! Always use my code, VIV10!

Baggu Fanny Pack – Wearing a fanny pack while traveling is a game changer! It allows you to be hands free and takes away the stress of digging through your carry on to find your wallet or other things you may need. This one from Baggu is my favorite. Comes in multiple colors and styles.

Hokas –  I’ve touched on my love for Hokas before but I truly cannot recommend these enough! If you know you are going to be traveling for hours these sneakers will make sure your feet never hurt, while also looking so cute! 

Seed – My number 1 travel hack! Taking my seed DS-01 daily symbiotic helps with all of the downsides of travel! Eases bloating, supports gut health and regulates digestion. Linked here. Code: VIVIANE15

Kindle – Obsessed with my Kindle and cannot travel without it. I love having the free time while on a plane to catch up on my reading! Kindle tip: get a library card # and use to download a library ebook instead of buying your kindle books! 

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