I hope everyone is enjoying the start of their summer- stay safe, healthy, and smart!

I’m currently in Florida (check vlog to watch video), and I realized that though I have my favorite face sunscreen, I don’t have a good/safe body sunscreen. Instagram recommendations came through, so I figured a blogpost would be helpful! All links are shoppable, but you can also try your local drugstore for some of them!


** make sure that the sunscreens you purchase and use are FREE FROM oxybenzone + octinoxate – these are harmful to our reefs AND ourselves! You want your sunscreens to consist of minerals aka ZINC OXIDE and/or titanium dioxide ** Read here to learn more!


#1: SUN BUM highly highly recommended! All of their products are free from oxybenzone! Check out their website to read more + check all of their products (so many!)

#2: SUPERGOOP A lot of recommendations for supergroup PLAY! They also have a whole line dedicated to 100% mineral sunscreens!

#3: COOLA I would personally probably pick the mineral body sunscreen SPF 30! they have an amazing variety and love how they break everything down- check out their website as well!

#4: BEAUTY COUNTER Mineral sunscreen SPF 30 + tinted mineral sunscreen too!

#5: ELTA MD I’ve personally never heard of this brand, but it was so highly recommended!

#6: BLUE LIZARD Australian brand!! Seems like a great brand though I personally haven’t heard of them- also very highly recommended!

#7: PACIFICA also sold at target! A ton of options, but they are all 100% vegan and cruelty free. ** a lot of fragrance with these, so if you’re avoiding that, I’d recommend another brand!

#8: NEUTROGENA specifically “SHEER ZINC” ** please note that the “ultra sheer” (which was also highly recommended) does contain non-reef safe ingredients. So please try your best to purchase their SHEER zinc which is just composed of zinc oxide aka reef safe & clean!!!!!!!

#9: ALBA BOTANICA reef safe mineral sunscreen- fragrance free!

#10: THINK SPORT/ THINK BABY Safe and great, but mainly SPF 50! (which is great!!) But if you’re looking for body sunscreen thats SPF 30, it might be a little difficult.

I hope this list is helpful to you and makes you look at what you’re using on your body & in the ocean!! I know I definitely need to make the changes to keep myself and our ecosystem healthy and I recommend continuing to google and research this topic! Any comments or thoughts, leave them below or DM me on instagram! Happy summer! xx


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