Switzerland Itinerary

For my 30th birthday this year, Jake and I took the most incredible trip to Switzerland and I wanted to share my Switzerland itinerary as a helpful resource for anyone looking to travel to the heart of Europe. See below for a daily recap covering everything from our plane and rental car details to the stunning hikes we took daily. I hope this Switzerland itinerary is beneficial to you if you’re planning a trip to the same region. 😊

Day 1

  • Took the 5:30 PM flight to Geneva – it was more affordable than flying to Zurich.
  • Landed in Geneva, Switzerland at 7:30 AM and picked up rental car from airport. Drove 2.5 hours to the Lauterbrunen Valley and the drive was incredibly beautiful.
  • Parked car in an overnight parking garage located right in town connected to all the trains. Had to train up to Wengen where we were staying because it’s a no car village! 
  • At the train station we purchased the Swiss Travel-Pass which included most trains in the region (minus the Jungfraujoch train, but is discounted if you buy the pass-pack!) This made our travel extremely simple because we didn’t have to worry about buying tickets every time we traveled via train. The trains basically parallel all the hikes in the region – making it super easy for hikers, families and kids to explore all over. The views from the trains are so breathtaking as well.
  • Once we got off the train at Wengen – we had a quick two minute walk to our hotel, the Maya Caprice Boutique Hotel and Spa. See all details on the hotel we stayed at in blog post here. 
  • Checked into the hotel, napped, explored a little, then had a quick dinner at the hotel before bed at Restaurants Caprice

Day 2

  • Woke up and ate a delicious breakfast at the hotel – which was included in our stay!
  • Took the gondola (located in the center of town, three minutes from hotel) up to Männlichen
  • Once at the top, we hiked the Panorama Trail from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg – a relatively easy hike and definitely better if you’re wearing hiking boots, as it has loose rocks on the path. 
  • We continued by hiking back down the mountain to Wengen. We stopped at a restaurant called Allmend (also a train stop) and had beers and bites. The best part was that we got to enjoy while looking at the great views of Wengen.
  • Once back at the hotel, we went to the hotel spa to unwind & relax before dinner. The spa offers a sauna, hot tub, ice plunge and of course massages – learn more about the amenities the hotel offers here!
  • Then we went to dinner at Alpine Hotel in Wengen. Super yummy as well! 

Day 3

  • Took train from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg and hiked from Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald. This hike was 2 hours downhill and was definitely tough on the knees! 
  • We stopped for beers on this hike at the Berghuas Alpiglen. Beautiful views, I would highly recommend.
  • Arrived in Grindelwald and to be completely transparent, I had high expectations for Grindelwald from all I had seen before – but once we arrived – I didn’t love it. I felt like it lacked community and that town charm, especially coming from Wengen. We didn’t explore too much because we just wanted to get back to Wengen. So we grabbed pizza quickly and trained back! 
  • From Grindelwald we made our way to Murrenwhich is another mountain town sitting opposite side of the valley and it was super cute and a car-free village. In hindsight, I was happy we stayed in Wengen because getting from Murren to the hikes/major region is a bit of a travel. You need to take a train to the gondola and then go down the valley, then take a train up to the main region.
  • After Murren, we headed back to Wengen and ended our night with another amazing meal at our hotel. 

Day 4

  • Woke up at sunrise and took in the view at an incredible location in a town located at – Evangelisch reformierte Kirche Wengen which was about a 6 min walk from the hotel.
  • Had breakfast at hotel and then headed back out for the same hike from day 1 – Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg because we wanted to see it in the sunshine and it was SO worth it! This hike is so beautiful and relatively easy. Again, I definitely recommend hiking boots but did see some others wearing sneakers on the trail. 
  • We stopped at Zimmer Restaurant – located right before Kleine Scheidegg – for some breakfast and breakfast beers 🙂 
  • Then headed back down to Wengen to check out of hotel. 

Main takeaways from trip 

  • Was VERY happy with our stay in Wengen VS other villages we visited. It had so much charm and was centrally located for getting to other destinations – train + gondola were easily accessible.
  • Absolutely recommend the Swiss-pass train pack! If you plan to travel around the area this is definitely your best bet for convenience and a bang for your buck.
  • The Maya Caprice Hotel was the perfect place to stay – its views, amenities and lodging were all just what we were looking for. 
  • Bring layers and hiking boots! If it is cloudy it can be super cold on top of the mountains. Hiking boots are great because you run into all different terrain. To see what I wore – visit the blog here
  • Grab maps from the train station or airport! Definitely helped us understand where we were and where we wanted to go.
For more on our trip – see here for blog on the Maya Caprice Hotel and see here for what I wore in Switzerland!

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