Summer Bucket List

Summer is right around the corner and I wanted to compile a summer bucket list! There is nothing more exciting than packing the warm months with exciting activities and making the most of them.  I asked everyone on Instagram what their own top bucket list activities were for the summer and got such incredible responses.  See below for some of my own personal favorites as well all suggestions for this summer’s bucket list

Summer Bucket List Favorites 🌞 – 

  1. Hike during sunrise 
  2. Dinner & sunset on the beach/picnic dinner party/outdoor picnic 
  3. Get crafty: backyard crafts, make friendship bracelets, paint, personalized beach totes, beaded cowboy hats, paint candles, paint pottery  
  4. Attend an outdoor concert (lots of these!!)
  5. Surf at the beach – learn how to surf or take a lesson
  6. Make a summer dish 
  7. Go camping + have a fire
  8. Pick fresh fruit & flowers
  9. Take a trip somewhere new
  10. Wine nights with the girls 
  11. Visit a drive-in theater or have an outdoor movie night 
  12. Beach clean up (find one near you here!)
  13. Try a new fitness class/ outdoor yoga
  14. Take a roll of film photos
  15. Read a new book each month

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