Sonder Review: My Stay in Chicago

Haven’t heard of Sonder? Honestly, I was not too familiar with them myself before this trip, but after researching and getting in contact with them, I had my first stay at one of their apartments in Chicago, and it was A M A Z I N G !!!

To put it simply, Sonder is the best combination of a hotel and Airbnb- you have the consistency and cleanliness of a hotel and the coziness and comfort of someones home.

Truly, Sonder makes you feel like you are in a beautiful and homey apartment, all while having the perks of a hotel (consistency and reliability). Honestly, my girlfriends and I kept saying how much we felt like this could be our apartment, and it was the best feeling after a long and hectic day, to come home, which you don’t quite get that feeling at a standard hotel.

Each Sonder location/ apartment style is inspired by the city. The Chicago apartment was incredibly sleek and minimal, while other locations I’ve seen such as Denver, CO are more cozy and warm. how cool is that?!

The check in process is extremely simple and easy- meet with the on-site concierge, or follow texted directions to enter your room! They also have 24 hour concierge by text which is so great.

If you haven’t checked out Sonder yet, please do! I’m sure you are dying to visit one of their locations as they are located in over 20 cities including New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, London, and Rome! (full list here)

Thank you Sonder for an AMAZING stay, and cannot WAIT to stay with you in another city!!

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