The Ocean State

I know we’re moving toward warm weather, flowers, and sun but I want to share details about a small weekend trip I took to Rhode Island just a couple months ago when it was freezing and snowing.

First off, if you think Rhode Island doesn’t have too much to offer, I feel you. I thought the same until my sister convinced me to visit her one weekend and showed me that Rhode Island actually does have pretty awesome places to see/visit. This tiny state is so gorgeous EVEN when it’s freezing cold. That means it’s ridiculously awesome when it’s warm out. SO GO!

What to do in Rhode Island

(what I did in Rhode Island)

  1. Go to Ocean House– you do not even have to go for dinner, or breakfast, although I’m sure it is beyond delicious- you can just go for a drink (Prosecco recommended)ย and walk around the grounds! Bring a camera because literally every step you take is a photo-op.. at least for me it was!
  2. While you’re in the area near Ocean House, go to Savoy Bookshop and Cafe for some ridiculously good coffee or tea, a small snack, and even some books! This place reminded me of the bookstore in You’ve Got Mail (great movie)! If I lived in that area I would spend hours upon hours there.
  3. Continuing on with coffee shops… go to Bolt Coffee. I personally went to the original location in downtown Providence at the Dean Hotel, but I don’t doubt their second location isn’t just as great!
  4. If you love barbecue like my brother-in-law and love to eat at really relaxed places, go to Durk’s Bar-B-Q! Their original pulled pork was heavenly, and their corn bread left me speechless (probably because I couldn’t stop eating it)
  5. A really cool place to grab a drink while you travel back in time to the 70s is Ogies Trailer Park! Seriously felt like I was on the set of That 70s Show only Ashton Kutcher was not there…ย anyways, this little trailer park/bar/restaurant is SO COOL.ย I wish I had visited during the day to see it better but still so happy my sister brought me there.

Bottom line: Rhode Island has A LOT to offer. I cannot wait to visit again and explore even more!

Get in your cars and go!



 One of those homes may or may not be T-Swift's.ย  One of those homes may or may not be T-Swift’s.

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