Outdoor Summer Activities and Essentials

There is nothing I love more than taking advantage of the  outdoors during this season, so here are my top summer activities and essentials. Whether it’s a small picnic in your backyard or road trip followed by car camping, these items will be utilized year after year. See below for my own personal list of summer activities and essentials below!

Day at the Beach 

Coolers, Water Bottles, Koozies, SPF, Flipflops, Towels, Beach Bags, Umbrella, Beach Lounger, Games, Speaker

Car Camping or Outdoor Camping

Tents, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Flashlights, Coolers, SPF, Fleece, Loungewear, Hiking Boots, Speaker, Games


Workout Sets, Shorts, Pullover, Fanny Pack, Sneakers, Hiking Boots, SPF, Fanny Pack, Water Bottles

Outdoor Picnic 

Picnic Blankets, Picnic Baskets, Ice Bucket, Mini Tables, Cheeseboards, Glasses, Plates, Coolers, Speaker

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