Medium-Length Haircut Inspiration 2024

Winter Haircut Breakdown

What’s an easy way to feel renewed and inspired going into a new year? A fresh haircut! Whether you decide to lightly trim or fully chop your hair, I guarantee you will walk out feeling like a different person (in a good way). 

I’ve been itching for change, so I visited my hairdresser Laura with the thought of doing more of a drastic chop – about 6 full inches. The outcome is better than I could have imagined that I’m debating going back for a shorter cut! This medium-length is perfect to fit into a pony and explore fun Pinterest hairstyles with. So if you’ve been looking for a sign of change, this is it! 

What I asked for: Blunt cut (meaning cut straight across, not a U or V shape), length just above the armpits, and long textured ends with two disconnected front pieces.

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