Maximize Your Morning Routine With These Simple Steps

Establishing a morning routine has been extremely beneficial in creating a sense of clarity at the start of my days. I feel like without a set regimen, my mornings feel chaotic and unproductive. Starting my morning with exercise, skincare, and wellness practices also keeps me grounded throughout the day. With the arrival of summer, I’ve been able to embrace outdoor workouts again, which is one of my favorite activities to put me at ease. Just 30 minutes of sunlight a day makes a huge impact on my energy levels – and most of the time the perfect fix for those mid-day energy slumps. Below I have broken down my step-by-step morning routine and the products that help make it the most effective. If youre looking to level up your mornings, I highly suggest building a set routine that works for you!

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Wash Face + Hydrate

I keep my skincare very simple when I wake up. I only wash my face with cold water to reduce any puffiness and apply one of my favorite hydrating serums from either First Aid Beauty or Drunk Elephant. I also apply sunscreen if I know I will be out in the sun before I get to my more intensive skincare routine a little later in the morning. The Gimme hair ties are my absolute favorite hair accessory for no creasing or snags. 

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Get Dressed 

I start my mornings by getting dressed in activewear to set the tone for a productive day with some movement. I’ve been gravitating towards fun, bright colors. Some favorite brands are FP movementlululemonTLF Apparel, and Abercrombie– specifically their exercise dresses. For sneakers, I’ve been wearing Hoka Bondi 8 for 2 years now and absolutely love! I get true size in them.

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Daily Probiotic

My favorite pre + probiotic for supporting gut health that Ive been using for 2 years now. Seed’s formula requires no refrigeration which is perfect for traveling, and is proven to help support skin health, heart health, and so much more. I take this every morning on an empty stomach. 

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Peloton Workout or Walk

Prioritizing movement first thing in the morning is crucial for me- it sets my mindset, gives me energy, and overall allows me to feel proud of myself. If you are looking for an at home exercise machine I highly recommend the Peloton Tread. My favorite classes have been walk + run,  interval running, as well as strength classes to end my movement for the day. I also recently have been wearing Bala Bands to increase the intensity of my workouts. If I’m not feeling like a guided workout that morning, I opt for a nice 2-mile walk outside on the boardwalk or the beach to get my day started instead.

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After I’ve worked out, I make a balanced breakfast that consists of either a smoothie, yogurt, or veggie scramble. All of these options help provide strong nutrients to fuel me throughout the day. Recently I’ve been including cacao nibs  and  maca powder for added superfoods and nutrients! Also, Jake and I are always adding  Slate Chocolate Milk to maximize our protein + added chocolatey taste. My most-used morning appliances are the Our Place Always Pan and the Ninja Blender.


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step 6





Depending if I am washing my hair or not I will either body shower or take a full everything shower after breakfast. Some of my favorite body care products include Briogeo’s Superfoods Shampoo + Conditioner and KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub

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Full Morning Skincare

My morning skincare is ever changing as I am always trying out new brands and products. My routine however will always consist of an eye cream, vitamin C serum, along with a moisturizer + face oil + sfp combo. My current favorite cocktail of these 3 has been Tatcha Dewy Skin mised with Drunk Elephant Marula Oil and Sunbaked Sunscreen (alternatively I also love Supergoop Glow Screen).

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