Kiehl’s Favorites

Kiehl's Favorites

Breaking down my Kiehl’s favorites! Kiehl’s is such a special brand to me and has the most incredible history and story! It started as an apothecary in 1851 in NYC and became Kiehl’s Pharmacy in 1894 when John Kiehl became involved with the brand. Kiehl’s Pharmacy was selling everything from pharmaceuticals, teas, tinctures, herbs and honey including the first ever Kiehl product, the Musk Oil – their signature scent. From an early age, Kiehl’s has been dedicated to informing their customers on not only the ingredients of their products but also educating them on their own personal conditions and ailments. This sentiment has carried through to modern day where the brand has developed a wide variety of products that set out to aid an even wider variety of everyday conditions. Their nature inspired formulas are helping improve the skin of people all over the world. I am absolutely obsessed with the brand’s ethos and everyday products! Check out my personal Kiehl’s favorites below ☺️ !

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