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I am a strong believer that it’s ok to have a million pairs of jeans! Okay, maybe not a million, but a few strong pairs are a closet essential to me! I think since you can wear jeans all year round, they can be dressed up or dressed down, and are very comfortable (if you buy the right ones), it makes them a safe investment! People often tell me that they struggle to find jeans that fit them well and make them feel confident so I am here to help! I wanted to review my favorite brands and why I love them.  Hopefully this can help inspire anyone struggling to figure out which direction they should go in!

Abercrombie & FitchAbercrombie quickly became one of my favorite denim brands for many reasons.  The first reason is all of the styles they offer!  They carry styles ranging from straight, flared, skinny, relaxed, baggy, essentially every style ever!  And almost every jean comes in multiple different washes. In addition to this, I think my favorite thing about A&F denim is the inclusivity factor of the lengths they offer. Most every pant offers 3 length options- short, regular and long (others even offer very short and very long as well).  Since I am 5’4 it can be hard for me to find pants that fit just right so I LOVE this.  I wear a size 24 short in their denim.

Madewell– Madewell is another go-to brand for me!  They carry your classic jean styles and tailored options as well! If you are a little more on the preppy or refined side of things, this is your place! They have many different colorways and washes as well.  I wear a size 23/24 depending on the style of jeans. 

Urban Outfitters Urban’s BDG line always has such fun and trendy denim styles!  Whenever I am looking for something different, I check out BDG to see what they have and it never disappoints!  Expect fun washes, stitching and pockets! They are extremely comfortable jeans as well! I wear a size 24.

AGOLDEI can always depend on AGOLDE to create the perfect vintage inspired denim! These jeans fit every body type so well and are extremely flattering!  They can be on the pricier side of things so I would try these on before buying, but they last forever. I usually size down a size or two in Agolde depending on the pair (I am a size 24 normally).

Grey BanditGrey Bandit is one of my go-to’s currently! I love them because besides having an incredible jean selection, they are a small business that handpicks great denim at an adorable price! My code is always VIVIANE15!

Aritzia – Aritzia’s exclusive brand denim forum is just amazing for the perfect    light wash, white or black denim.  They feature loose, straight, flare & bootcut and slim fit jeans as well as denim shorts and shirts/ jackets! Extremely well made!

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