Perfect Getaway

Vacation always sounds like a great idea… especially during those winter months.

Although they are always bitter-sweet (you get so excited to pack, and put together cute outfits, and you’re looking forward to the sun, and the beach, and finally getting some color on your skin.. it ends. and reality smacks you in the face), vacations are SO worth it in my eyes.

My trip to Florida was probably my most needed vacation I’ve ever taken. Although the majority of my photos are happy and bright, I have been experiencing every emotion under the sun since the new year for several different reasons. I’ve actually been stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed more than I’ve been happy.

But one thing I’ve learned through these past several months is that your family and friends are your biggest supporters and having faith that your life will unfold the way it should takes away a lot of stress. Maybe we need these hardships in our lives to take a break, renew ourselves, realign ourselves, and realize how strong we are.

SO that brings me to Florida- I thought it was time to take a break and really enjoy myself. SO I DID.

Florida was gorgeous. One of my best friends joined me and we did just about nothing.

  • we sunbathed (obviously)
  • we ate outdoors with the company of live music
  • we watched GORGEOUS sunsets
  • we took long walks on the beach
  • we saw dolphins!
  • we enjoyed delicious home-made ice cream
  • we had ourselves a beautiful vacation

Thank you, Florida, for giving me the 5 day-vacation I needed. I can’t wait to visit you again!



 Top: Jcrew Off-the-shoulder , Shorts: Pacsun Boston Blue , Shoes: Soludos Top: Jcrew Off-the-shoulder , Shorts: Pacsun Boston Blue , Shoes: Soludos

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