Car Camping Essentials

Sharing my top car camping essentials that I pack along for our annual camping trip every year. Car camping has quickly become one of my favorite activities and I think we’ve got it down to a pretty good science. If you are looking to try it out, but aren’t sure of what supplies you’ll need, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list below as a starting point. I hope these essentials help you to have an incredible experience outdoors – I’d also love to know your personal favorite camping spots in the comments to check out for our next trip!

car camping essentials
Sleeping Essentials

Half of the fun of car camping to me is getting to sleep in the car.

 In order to make it super cozy it’s important to have a good mattress, blankets and warm PJs.

Cooking Essentials

Cooking while camping can be really stress-free if you have all of the right items.

 I suggest bringing a fire-safe nice pot and cutting boards.

apparel essentials

Love wearing fleeces, leggings and vests while camping – the perfect versatile outfit pieces for layering. 

camping accessories

Everything from foldable chairs to backpacks that help us stay comfortable and organized the entire time.

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