Books That Will Make You Fall In Love With Reading

10 Reads for Your Next Trip
11 Reads for Your Next Trip
11 Reads for Your Next Trip

One of my goals in 2023 was to prioritize reading – and by that, I mean actually setting aside time for it. As I get older, I find myself looking for hobbies that push me to disconnect from technology and reading has always been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed. There is also nothing comparable to a good book and being so wrapped up in the story and characters that you can’t put it down. Below are a combination of books I love and are on my reading list that will help you fall back in love with reading. These recommendations are a mix of romance, thriller, adventure, and fantasy. If you are a lover of any of these genres or going through a reading draught, see below for my top books to add to your 2024 reading list.

Fourth WingIron Flame

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Exciting fantasy reads that are action + romance packed. 

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Think Harry Potter meets Twilight. These books have magic, love and adventure woven throughout. You will not be able to put them down! 

It Ends With Us + It Starts With Us

Genre: Romance

Love story based around a girl who has to decide between a new or an old lover. Disclaimer: contains some domestic violence


Genre: Thriller, Romance

A thrilling read where a young writer sets out to finish a famous authors book series after her death. Only to reveal hidden secrets about the authors past.

One True Loves

Genre: Romance

Another novel based around choosing between an old or new lover when the old resurfaces after presumably being dead. Extremely heartfelt and emotional.

The Nightingale

Genre: Romance

A story of a mother and daughter forced to live with the enemy during WWII in order to save everything they have. 

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