Bikini Care

Bikini season is here and I am so passionate about sharing the products I use daily that help keep my skin bump free and smooth.  All the products in my bikini care routine are from First Aid Beauty- a brand I’ve been using for years now. 

To start I use the KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub 10% AHA in the shower. A little goes a long way- just squirt some into your hands and massage over damp skin that you’d like exfoliated. I use this about 4-5 times a week

Next, I use the Ingrown Hair Pads with BHA and AHA every morning and night. They help to exfoliate, brighten and prevent razor burn. To use, simply wipe the pads over your problem areas (I use them on my underarms and all over my pubic area) If you struggle with razor burns, ingrown hair, bumps, uneven skin or texture definitely try these! They have been such a game changer for me.  

Lastly, I finish up with the Ultra Repair Cream.  It is one of my all time favorite head to toe moisturizers and helps provide long term hydration for all skin types! I use this all over my body (including bikini area). 

Use code VIVIANE15 on First Aid Beauty products always! These products will absolutely help you feel your most confident and beautiful as we enter the summer season! xx Viviane 

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