Anthropologie Spring Refresh

I am so excited to talk about the Spring home refresh I recently did with Anthropologie’s home styling service! I have always gravitated towards Anthro home and being able to work with them in my own house was beyond! The entire process was such a dream and this service made it so easy to bring my vision to life- it’s also 100% complimentary. 

The service was extremely simple. First you fill out a form and tell them the general aesthetic and vibe you are looking to create. You can even meet with a local stylist or show them your space via Zoom. The design team then puts together a concept using Anthro home pieces. The last step is to narrow down what you want and order it for delivery. When it comes to interior design I personally know what I like when I see it, but getting all of the different elements to come together can be hard, so this service was literally made for me! 

In my meeting with the design team we reviewed decorating my front room and I told them I wanted to keep it light and beachy. However I was open to contrast and different colors. After some back and forth we landed on mostly light and airy pieces with one beautiful dark blue console that added that element of contrast I was looking for. We also chose an amazing sunset painting that also brings in some more color and dimension to the space. You can shop all of my pieces below!

My front room turned out better than I could have imagined and cannot recommend utilizing this free styling service enough!  If you do, please let me know how it goes and what pieces you picked out! I’d also love to see your before and after photos 🙂 


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