Hi! Hi! I’m Viviane!  

This blog, or what I like to call my “digital journal,” is just a whole lot of everything from my photography to my favorite cafes. I’m going through many changes and transitions in my life (some great and some not so great) so I figured why not take control, be positive, be creative, and do something different!

The above is actually the first little blurb I ever wrote to introduce myself on my blog in 2017. I decided I wanted to keep it as a little reminder of where and why I started this in the first place. While I have definitely evolved and grown, I still have the same intentions and goals that I stated above. This is truly a space for me to use as an outlet, for my own personal therapy and happiness, but it has also become an amazing space where I can share my advice, my love for styling and fashion, my favorite finds, and essentially- my life!

I really hope you enjoy my blog, and that you leave feeling at ease, refreshed, and happy! Please contact me at any time with whatever thoughts or questions you may have!