5 Things I’ve Tried For Better Periods

Since getting off of hormonal birth control, I’ve been eager to learn how to prepare and care for my body before, during, and after my period. I recently integrated this 5-step routine one week before my period to lessen physical symptoms such as cramps, fatigue, hormonal acne, and bloating. So far it has worked wonders! Read below for my top period-care practices to incorporate during the week of your menstrual cycle. I would love to hear if you have a similar experience by trying out these 5 things at least 5 days before your next period. As always, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider to see what might be best suited for you.

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5-step routine




Raspberry Leaf Tea


 Raspberry leaf tea has been used for centuries to aid women during their cycle and pregnancy. The tea is made up of fragarine (alkaloid in raspberries) which tones and tightens the pelvic region assisting with cramps and spasms + tannins (a polyphenol) which helps to strengthen the uterus, limiting heavy and irregular bleeding during your cycle. I drink this at least 2x a day, a week before my cycle begins. It’s also delicious! 


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Although the idea of movement can often seem taxing before your period, it has actually been proven to be very beneficial. Light exercise like yoga, biking, or a walk are the perfect ways to regulate your cycle/flow and can even equate to less cramping and lighter periods. Make sure to stick to low intensity exercise during the luteal phase as your body is in prep mode.






Raw Carrot Salad


 Dr. Ray Peat developed this recipe to help aid hormone balance. His research shows that carrots contain a unique fiber that binds to excess estrogen + endotoxins to help eliminate them from the body. Resulting in less intense and painful menstrual symptoms like cramping, headaches, blemishes, etc. Raw carrots also aid with digestion as well as liver + thyroid function. Added benefits from other ingredients in the salad include olive oil to reduce bacterial overgrowth in the digestive tract, apple cider vinegar to increase the effects of carrot fibers, and salt to increase trace minerals in body.


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As straight forward as it may seem, the root cause of many period symptoms can be from a lack of hydration. It has also been found that premenstrual pain is linked to increased vasopressin secretion. Drinking water + hydration plays a significant role in reduction of vasopressin, making this another major factor to reducing period pain. 


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Avoid caffeine


As much as I am a lover of all things coffee, caffeine has been known to increase period pain due to increasing estrogen levels. Along with this, it can cause digestive inflammation and dehydration. While our bodies are already hyper sensitive before and during our periods, it is best to avoid caffeine intake. Some of my favorite replacements are raspberry leaf and spearmint tea which are both amazing for hormone aid as well.




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