5-Minute Slick Back Hair

The step-by-step process to my quick and simple 5-minute slick back hair! I personally gravitate to this hairstyle when my hair is on the greasier side, however it will work with clean hair too. I grab all of my hair as if I am going to put it in a pony and brush down the top from the left and right of my part with a boar bristle styling brush. This helps to keep the part in place and smooth the hair out. Once the top of my hair is flat to my head I tie my hair back into a pony tail. I then twist the pony half way, wrap it around, and then the remaining pony I wrap around (without twisting). I personally use Gimme hair ties – they are my absolute favorite for a tight hold and no hair pulling! Once my hair is up I take my styling stick, the TIGI hair wax stick by Bedhead, and wax down the top to hold everything in place and prevent flyaways. If you have super curly hair, I sometimes recommend blow drying it before this process  if you are looking for a smoother finish. See TikTok here for additional visual of my 5-minute slick back hair (starts at 2:44) 

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