5-Min Glowy Makeup


After years of leaning towards a more natural look, I have finally perfected my ultimate 5-min glowy makeup routine. Once it’s summer time, I utilize this routine even more because I am looking to just enhance my natural tan and glow. If you’re running errands or just want a slightly elevated look for the beach, this 5-min glowy makeup routine is for you.

See below for a breakdown of all of my favorite products, listed in the order that I use them. You cannot go wrong with any of these and I really believe they will make you look and feel radiant.

Note* I mix these first three products together on my fingertips and apply to face and neck

Bare Minerals Tinted Moisturizer (Shade Dune 7.5)The perfect 3 in 1 tinted moisturizer that not only tints but also has SPF 30 and hyaluronic acid. Obsessed with how lightweight this product is and how it gives your skin an elevated tan!

Drunk Elephant Debronzi These glow drops are worth all of the hype. The product seamlessly blends into your skin leaving you with a beautiful bronzed glow.

Dermalogica Tinted Primer – Love how this primer is also tinted with 30 SPF and helps to smooth fine lines and brighten while prepping my skin for makeup! 

Glossier Cloud Paint (Shade Haze) –This blush is also completely worth the hype in my opinion! It’s pigmented and super easy to work with and layer! Comes in 8 different shades for all different complexions and gives your cheeks the perfect sun kissed look- but haze is my favorite. A little goes a long way, so just a teency squirt at the top + several dabs on the cheekbone.

Glossier Haloscope (Shade Quartz) –The best dewy highlighter that comes in a stick for easy direct application or to apply with fingers (I prefer to rub my index and middle finger and then tap into cheekbones up to the eyebrow).

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara OR Lancome Lashy DollBoth of these mascaras are my go to and help create a natural lifted lash! When wet, the mascara falls off in little crumbles- no smudging!

Fenty Beauty Blush (Shade Cupid) – Love to top off my cheeks with this brighter blush to help elevate the entire look! Super easy to blend and melts into skin. A little goes a long way!

Fenty Cream Bronzer (Shade 04 hunnie glaze) or Sunbunny Bronzer This is a step that I sometimes include, but not always (depends how minimal I want my look to be). I love a cream bronzer that becomes one with the skin, and adds to the dewey look and the sun bunny is a two-toned powder bronzer that illuminates your skin.  

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator (Shade Devotion) – The last step is to add this powder highlighter to my cheek bones to finish off with the ultimate glow!

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