Favorite Pieces in my Closet

Happy Friday!!

First, I hope you’ve had a great week! If you haven’t had the best week, go ahead and make sure you do something for YOU this weekend, even if it’s for 5 minutes!

Today I want to share the pieces in my closet that I will probably NEVER sell.. at least not for a while. Since I won’t be selling them, I thought I’d share them with you on here! These are the pieces that I wear almost daily and are so easy to mix and match with almost any outfit!

1. MY SUPERGAS! Okay, these are by far my favorite sneakers to wear. I style with these with literally everything: jeans, dresses, shorts, sweats.. anything and everything. I personally have the platform style which I love because being 5’2″, it gives me a little height! Also makes your legs look longer and who doesn’t want that! I highly recommend sizing down (I usually wear a size 6 in sneakers but could have definitely gotten a 5.5 in these!) GET THEM!

2. MY MADEWELL SANDALS! Oh how I LOVE these! I’ve had my pair for about 3 or 4 years now and I seriously will wear them until they are hanging by a thread! These are the perfect sandals that don’t take away from your outfit. They allow your legs to continue rather than cutting them off at the ankle. I have them in black too, but I find I wear my brown 100x more often than my black ones! (P.S. they’re currently 20% off with code SPARKLER)

3. MY BOATER HAT! This might be a random one but it’s one that I wanted to include because not only do I use this at the beach/ pool but I love using it as an accessory in photos and flat lays!

4. MY YELLOW HEELS! These are definitely making the list because honestly, when I first bought them I did not think I’d be wearing them more than once. Let me tell you, these are probably the most worn pair of heels in my closet! Also, they’re probably the comfiest pair of heels I own and they come in other fun colors too!

5. MY CULT GAIA BAG! I love neutral color bags because you really can wear them with anything. This bamboo bag is SO cute, I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on it! Not only does it go with everything, but it just adds so much more to your outfit! The price is a little high, but I know I’ll be using this little bag so often (already have been)!

6. MY OVERSIZED JEAN JACKET! I throw this jacket over almost every single outfit, I swear! The color, the distress, the size- all so perfect! I love rolling up the sleeves to show my bracelets and wearing it off the shoulder for a cool, casual feel.

7. MY LEVIS Oh my goodness, I almost forgot about these!! Okay, if you’ve been with me on Instagram, you know how jean obsessed I am in general, but oh my GOSH these are by far, hands down, my favorite pair EVER. I wear these ALL THE TIME and I am not exaggerating!! For sizing, you can either get true to size- they may be a little snug at first wear, but they do LOOSEN (don’t necessarily stretch because they don’t have stretch in them, but they will loosen!) OR you can size up and have that nice loosey fit all the time! The exact color I wear is Rough Tide!

If you look through my Instagram, I’m sure you’ll see one of these items in every post, I wear them THAT often! Let me know if you have any questions!



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