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Has it been a minute or what?! (it has)

It has actually been more than a minute.. it’s been about two months! I really cannot believe that I haven’t blogged in so long, and while a part of me is terribly embarrassed and cringes, I am happy and proud of myself for taking a much needed break! I feel refreshed, energized, and ready to create new posts for me and for you!

So what has life been like in these past two months? Well, it’s actually been filled with tons of things including anxiety, excitement, travel, family, and friends. Finishing the last bit of my 12-month accelerated nursing program was extremely difficult. Although I had done well in school, there was always that thought in the back of my head “but what if I don’t pass… what if I fail and make a complete fool out of myself.. what if what if what if…” Self-doubt is real and it creeps up on me often! To not let it eat me alive I repeat my self affirmations and lean on my faith a lot, BUT that doesn’t mean that it ever completely goes away. If you struggle with the same thing, just know you’re not alone and it’s not crazy for you to think those things. BUT, you have to know and remember your worth, remember that you’ve come this far, be your own cheerleader, and know you will succeed!!

So, I graduated in May (yay!) and decided to give my brain a little rest. Just prior to graduating, I surprised one of my best friends in Miami for her birthday! Funny enough, we were literally in the same exact outfit on arrival (obviously not planned!) We had the best time relaxing by the pool and eating super yummy tacos for 4 days straight, haha! Then, I spent MDW down in Dewey Beach, Delaware- If you haven’t been.. you need to go!! Such a fun time, there’s so much to do! Live music is my FAV and in Dewey there’s always live music happening. GOif you haven’t been!

What I’m hesitant to mention, but feel is necessary, is how I’ve been feeling. Being done with school and out of a routine has been extremely hard for me (maybe I gave my brain too much of a rest). Trying to motivate myself to blog, to answer e-mails, to study, to really do anything when I technically don’t have assignments or deadlines is really difficult! For all my life I’ve been on a schedule and I almost don’t know how to function without one. There’s so much freedom that I feel like I want to do everything, but end up doing almost nothing. I’ve realized that for me, it’s actually quite overwhelming to have “so much time on your hands.” Have you ever felt that way?? So lately I’ve been feeling like this is a great opportunity to look at myself, where I am, where I want to be, reset/ reorganize myself. It hasn’t been easy to accept that I’ve been feeling this way, but acceptance is necessary to move forward! The good news is that I feel like I’m finally coming out of that lost/unmotivated/lazy period and really ready to get myself back on track. I have such exciting plans coming up that I can’t wait to share with you aswell as fun/new ideas!

Okay! That’s been me lately! Oh- I also chopped my hair and fell in love with platform sneakers and scrunchies, haha!

Let me know if you ever feel lost or unmotivated without a schedule- I’d love to chat about it and if you have any tips, please share! Hope you have the best rest of your week!



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