Instagram Algorithm

Happy Friday!!

Something that has been on my mind and on many peoples minds (I think) is Instagram’s new algorithm. I won’t go into details about what has changed and the theories behind it, but I do want to talk about how it’s making people feel.

I’ve seen it in messages, captions, comments, you name it, at least once a day about how this algorithm is really getting to us. YES- It’s pretty awful. YES- it makes us feel pretty crappy. YES- it’s super freaking frustrating. I get that it feels as though our hard work is just not being seen which leads us to think “well what do I care anymore, I’m just not going to try. I’m not going to post anymore.”

That’s where I say STOP. We seriously cannot let an applicationΒ on our phones control us like that!

Instagram is always going to change its algorithm, its inevitable, and this might not even be the worst one yet. Instead of quitting and letting it rule us, we need to remind ourselves why we’re even on this app in the first place. For me, it’s to connect, support, and share my creativity. Whether or not it gets noticed shouldn’t stop me from posting. My friends and I always said “your Insta, your life.” I’m not kidding I repeat this each time before I post a photo!

If anything, we should use this frustration to keep going!Β Let it motivate us to work harder to create new content, engage more, and support one another more! You never know when it will click! It might be the next photo you post, or it could be months from now, but you won’t know unless you keep going!

Today’s Look

This outfit was photographed while it was 78 degrees the other week! Oh I just cannot wait for sunshine and warmth!! The beautiful earrings are from Rachel Mulherin!! All her new spring pieces are coming out so make sure you check her out!!

I hope you have the best weekend! I am headed off somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit on Sunday!! Stay tuned on my Instagram!!



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