Five Ways to Love Yourself

Happy Friday!!

I’ve made several “love yourself” captions on Instagram, but I wanted to actually explain exactly what it means to me to truly love yourself. You can (and should) love yourself whether you’re single or in a relationship! Here are the top five ways I practice self-love. I hope you take one or more of these and start doing them!

1. Daily Self Affirmations– This is the biggest thing I do! I try everyday to wake up, look in the mirror, look into my own eyes and tell myself, “I am strong, I am smart, I am beautiful, I believe in me.” I don’t always say the same affirmations, but if you want to make an affirmation statement and repeat it to yourself then go for it! If you start saying and believing these affirmations, you will carry yourself high, you will set the mood for your days and your life, and you won’t allow anyones negativity or opinion get the best of you! Try it!

2. Take Care of Yourself First– Some might think it’s easy for me to say.. I don’t have many things to take care of besides myself, but this can goes for everyone. It doesn’t have to be time consuming but it needs to be done.

  • Set an alarm for 5 minutes, close your eyes, and breathe.
  • Listen to your favorite song and belt it out!
  • Apply a face mask that sits for 10-15 minutes and enjoy every minute of that short time!
  • Get yourself that cappuccino you’ve been thinking about for days!

Bottom line: stop saying “I can’t” or “I don’t have time” you DO! We have to take care of our minds and our bodies. We need to be kind to ourselves just as we would be kind to a friend!

3. Treat Yoself!– Similar to taking care of yourself but I truly believe in this. Congratulate yourself for getting through a hard week, for taking that exam, for completing your to-do list, for anything! Take yourself out, get yourself that cute top or shoes, coffee or margarita, without any guilt! You deserve it!

4. Set Goals- one of my favorite things to do! I set daily, monthly, and yearly goals! You have a greater chance of doing the things that you write down than if you didn’t! So write them down, get excited, repeat those self-affirmations, and GET IT DONE! Now, be kind to yourself- if and when you reflect and you see you haven’t completed the goals, accept it! You should be proud you’ve taken the steps to achieving the goals in the first place. Move the goals around, and keep working towards them.

5. Be grateful- this is a big picture type of thing for me. Loving myself means being grateful for where I am today, being appreciative for the days that have brought me here, and getting excited for the days to come. When you’re grateful, your heart and mind are open to everything! Your perspective changes, and you become filled with positivity!

Today’s Look

A couple looks from over the weeks, everything is always linked on the “shop” page of the blog, but I will also link them here! I hope you know by now I’m always keeping my style simple! Basics and neutrals are definitely my favorite! Oh and pinks as of lately!

I hope that some of these self-love practices spark a light in you and get you excited about putting yourself first, seeing yourself in the best way possible, and appreciating yourself! If you do anything to practice self-love, I’d love to hear it!

Have a beautiful weekend!!



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