My Favorite Beauty Products!

Happy Monday!

I cannot believe it’s February- the month of LOVE! This month I’m focused on me and doing kind things for myself! Sharing my morning and evening routine that include my favorite products I use to make myself feel good!

Let me first start by saying I am not an expert at all on beauty products, makeup, body stuff- but I’m excited to share what I’ve got! Also heads up, what you’re about to read may be so strange to you, please don’t judge haha!

My routine consists of this:


  • wash my face with COLD water ONLY
  • pat dry and then spray either Mario spray or Evian spray

(yes, I do not use any face wash products on my face in the mornings! I only use cold water!)


  • take off makeup with Burts Bees wipes
  • shower (I’m a night-showerer)
  • In the shower I’ll use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo as a face wash (?? yeah I don’t know when this started but I find it works pretty good, and super soft to the skin!) If you want to try it, they sell travel sizes at CVS etc.!

Product Breakdown:

Mario and Evian Spray : I use these interchangeably! They have seriously been amazing for hydration and I have noticed they add a nice glow after spraying! I also spray on my neck for no other reason than why not! These sprays hydrate and moisturize my skin so well that I haven’t even needed to use my Aveeno moisturizer!

Origin’s Derma Scrub : I use this scrub in the shower and absolutely love it. It completely exfoliates your skin and smells so clean and fresh! Definitely walk out of the shower with super soft skin!

Origin’s Charcoal Mask : Okay so you may have seen me wear this in some of my Instagram stories- this stuff is NO JOKE! It’s used to deep clean your pores and I have definitely noticed a difference! At first it may tingle but after you take it off your face feels amazing! While it’s drying on your face, make sure you’re calm and still because smiling or laughing will not be allowed! It dries like concrete on your face!

Origin’s Retexturizing Mask : Similar to the Charcoal mask, this mask cleans out your pores but also gives you a really pretty glow! I love using this at least once a week!

BEECAUSE Masks : I have almost every mask from BEECAUSE and I do not regret it! They are completely natural, organic, cruelty free, and sensitive to all skin types! Some of my favorites are the honey & citrus exfoliating mask as well as the charcoal & clay mask! You just feel radiant after using their masks and know that everything you just used is completely natural and good for your skin!

Kopari Coconut Oil :  Not only does this coconut oil hydrate your skin but it smells DIVINE. I use this to moisturize under my eyes, eyelids, neck, and hands right before bed!

Guava Lip Butter : I don’t even know how this lip butter got into my hands but I’m so thankful it did! I use this to moisturize my lips as well as lip gloss for going out! It’s always in my pocket or purse! They come in several shades but if you love a pale pink lip, this one is for you!

OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam : Okay I’m not a huge dry shampoo girl, but I got this as a gift and really love it for those days I just don’t have time to wash my hair! It also smells like really high end perfume!

Those are all the products I’m currently using! My face has never been as clear as it is now and I truly believe it’s because of these products! I hope you spoil yourself with something this month that will make you feel good!! DO YOU!!

If you have any questions, please let me know! Hope you have a beautiful week!



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