HELLO 2018!

Happy Friday!!

Happy 2018 and happy first Friday of the year!! Even though the days from 2017 and 2018 are actually continuous, we think of every new year as a “new start” and a huge part of me gets so excited about that! Why not restart, reshape our minds, and get to it!

To start each year off, I get my little notebook and write down my major goals as well as a little note to myself. Writing these down challenges me to look at them often and helps remind me what I set out to achieve when I start loosing the drive or purpose (usually mid-year).

Though I won’t share my goals with you yet, I came up with a list of 3 goals we can all strive for in 2018. They’re meant to make you think of others first which I believe leads to genuine happiness!

1. Send cards!– so often I think to myself “ugh, I really want to send so and so a birthday card or a thank you card or an I miss you card or an I’m grateful for you card” and I just NEVER do it. Actions speak louder than words and this is SUCH a simple act that can really go a long way to make someone else feel good!

2. Say Good morning and Thank you!– This sounds so simple and maybe even silly but so many people walk with their head down so often. Don’t forget to say these short words especially on days when you yourself are not in the mood and especially when you’re in the elevator! I can’t even tell you how depressing it is to get in an elevator these days! No one looks up (at least in my experiences so far) and says anything! So please, make it a point to say “Hi, Good morning!” And even maybe a “Have a great day!” You never know how that can help set someone’s mood for the day, or how much they needed to hear that!

3. Volunteer!- This is a huge goal of mine for this year. I really want to give back and help make someone’s day just a little better. There are so many options and opportunities to volunteer in our world and communities. I challenge myself and you to get out there, even if it’s just one day this year, and help!

Today’s Look

This sparkling & shining jumpsuit is ON SALE from ShopLudo! This was such a fun New Year’s outfit and really can be worn for any special occasion! Similar jumpsuits are linked below as well as the incredibly cute disco ball cup and heels! The beautiful bracelet is from the ever so glamorous Rachel Mulherin!

I hope the above goals resonate with you and make you think about yourself and what you can do this year! If you have any other simple goals for this year please share them with me! Wish you a beautiful weekend! (STAY WARM!)



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