Instagram vs Reality

Happy Friday!!

I had other plans for this week’s blog post but I felt the need to talk about Instagram vs Reality. I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about this within the past several days so here is what I want to share.

Some people feel that influencers, bloggers, creatives, show only good things, happy things, perfect things, which in turn just seems fake. Yes, I see this point of view, but I quickly wanted to share what and why I am doing what I am doing.

Although my Instagram contains all happy photos, that is NOT at all how I feel 100% of the time. I am sassy to the ones I love, I do not make enough time to see or call friends, I struggle A LOT with balance, I struggle with school, I often have negative thoughts,Β at times I let my insecurities get the best of me, and the list continues.

We all struggle, some of us similarly, some of us differently, but we all struggle. So why don’t I reveal any of that on my Instagram? Well honestly, because I’m not ready to be that vulnerable but more importantly, because I’ve changed my outlook on life within the past year. I never used to be so positive, at least not consciously. I never used to think of three things I’m grateful for every day. But I started to, and even though I may not do it every day, I try.

The way I think of it is that I have this platform that I can do anything with. I am choosing to put my best self out there, my best positive self in hopes that it radiates to others!

My Instagram is a happy roll of photos because that is what I am trying to do and be! Sometimes I post photos with captions such as “Always something to be grateful for” because I had a REALLY shitty day and I needed to remind myself of that. If reminding myself helps remind someone else, then that just makes my day.

Today’s Look

Trying to add color to my wardrobe! This top is so fun and automatically gives me good vibes! I’m obsessed with these jeans, they’re my recent go-to, and these boots are SO comfy and SO affordable!

I hope you remember when you’re scrolling through any social media platform, but especially Instagram, that what you see is not all real BUT that doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying to be their best selves and inspire people through their photos!

Have the best weekend ever and if you’re on the East Coast like me, enjoy the warm(er) weather!!



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