The Solo Travel Guide- Miami

Happy Monday!!

I am BEYOND excited to share my Miami trip + travel guide with you! You’ve seen almost all of my photos via my Instagram but I haven’t really shared details of exactly who I went with, what I did, where I went, how I got there, etc. So, I’m going to break it down for you nice and simple right now!

  • Who did I go with? – this was another one of my SOLO trips! I’ve said it before but wow, something about traveling by yourself is just all empowering while at the same time humbling. I’ve never felt more vulnerable yet strong and confident yet nervous. You really get a sense of your own strength (mentally mostly) and how independent you are! If you’ve been thinking about taking a solo trip, JUST DO IT. Tell me how it goes after!
  • Where did I stay? – I stayed with two friends from college who live in Brickell (THANK YOU!!). The funny thing about this is that we really hadn’t kept in touch much. I bring that point up because this shouldn’t stop you from reaching out and asking those friends or “friends of friends” if they’d mind you coming! 99% of the time people are more than happy to have you come and explore the city they call home! So again, if you’re thinking about a solo trip and hesitant because you don’t want to spend money on hotels or Airbnbs (I don’t blame you!), and you don’t know anyone who lives there, use your social media platforms and ask! Make it your Facebook status or Instagram story saying “Hey, does anyone or anyone you know live in ___” You never know who just might answer you! And if no one answers, change your destination- ha! (kidding, sort of)
  • How long was I actually there for? – Despite my never ending Instagram photos, I was in Miami for a total of 4 days!
  • How did I get around? – I did Uber Pool everywhere I went! I was in no rush so I chose to save money by using Pool. The most I paid for my Ubers was $5 compared to the regular X price which was in the $15-$20 range!
  • In general, how did I split my days? – Well I am ALL about getting some sun but I also know a city like Miami has so much more to offer. So, I spent my mornings exploring and then would head to the beach from about 12:00-sunset! After sunset, I would join my friends for dinner! I carried a backpack rather than a purse to fit literally 3+ outfits!

WALK: walk down Ocean Drive & Collins Ave!! All the buildings are Art Deco!!

 HOTELS: Faena Hotel (has the Woolly mammoth!!)

                 The Miami Beach Edition (all green & white!)

  1 Hotel South Beach (go see their rooftop!)

                 The W Hotel (pink & white stripe beach chairs!)

COFFEE SHOPS/ Lunch Spots:

                            Lilikoi (amazing all-organic menu)

                            Dreamer (flamingos and plants and pink EVERYWHERE!!)

Yard Bird (for lunch)

                            Threefold Cafe (I didn’t actually go but it was highly recommended)

                            Dr. Smood (I didn’t actually go but it was highly recommended)

WYNWOOD WALLS: this part of town is AWESOME! Filled with so many wall murals and different art everywhere you look! Beware- the actual “wall” (gated part) doesn’t open until around 10:30 AM but there are some coffee shops/juice shops that open before! Google hours to plan accordingly!

Wynwood coffee shops: (they’re all within walking distance of one another so seriously just walk around and explore!!)

Wynwood Diner

Panther Coffee

Jugo Fresh

Salty Donut

Brother and Brawlers

BEACHES: South Point Beach is where I went but you can go anywhere! (chairs are about $15-$20 to rent but you can also bring your own towels! Beaches are free! You can even rent chairs from the hotels I mentioned above which range from $20-$25, umbrellas are an extra $25)

*** One of the coolest things about Miami was that I met an Instagram friend and her good friend!! It might sound absurd but I’m not kidding when I say this platform is AMAZING and has connected me with so many inspiring, kind, and creative people! We had the best afternoon exploring and watching the sunset! Their Instagram handles are: belowthesamesun and tatyybarros  ***

WHAT I WORE: linking everything I can below!

Jewelry from SixtyStax and RachelMulherin

White ruffle dress from VergeGirl

ALRIGHT! I think that’s all I have but if there are any more specific questions please let me know! Miami was amazing, full of light and color and GOOD VIBES! As sad as I am to have left the beautiful city, I am SO excited to go on my next adventure SO soon!! Stay tuned on my Instagram to see where I’m off to next!



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