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Happy Friday!!

And most importantly, happy first day of fall!! August is my favorite month but fall may have to be my favorite season- beyond excited!

Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve received many messages and comments about blogging, Instagram, photos, etc. so I figured I’d share with you what I do and what I’ve learned!!

What do you use to edit your photos?

I use the app VSCO and I purchased the A series filters. The A series has 3 filters and depending on the lighting of my photo, I will bounce between the 3. Most times I’m using A6! – Find your own theme and color scheme!! Find something that is true to yourself- I personally LOVE neutrals so I am naturally drawn to the A filters! Whatever it is, make sure that it reflects you 100%!

How do you keep your feed clean and flowing?

This has taken me some time (and I still struggle with it) but my number one advice is to balance your photos! If I post a really busy photo, I’ll try to make the next photo a little more simple or “empty” (what I like to call it). Again, if your theme is to “not have a theme” then that’s your theme! Stay true to yourself and build something that reflects YOU.

What’s the number one way to grow your following?

ENGAGEMENT!! By far, you need to engage with other similar accounts, and slowly but surely, the following will start to build. I started really putting time into this mid-summer and have already seen the growth in my following!

How often do you post?/ what would you suggest?

I post every day! (so if you’ve missed a post go give it some love- ha!) I didn’t always post once a day but it’s something I was working towards. I would suggest posting when you want but be consistent. If you want to grow, do not post once every two weeks- this will NOT work in your favor. Maybe every 3 days or so!

How do you post every day…?

I make it a point to do something or go somewhere every weekend where I can take lots of photos for stock (I do this for my own sanity too and because I truly enjoy exploring!).Β Basically, through all these travels and day trips, I have built a bank of photos that I can just pick from. At first it stressed me out a bit but I realized that I was completely capable of posting everyday and in a way it was a challenge that I enjoyed (still is)!

Are there any apps that you use to plan your feed?

God bless Planoly- it’s the app I use (discovered it through a photographer friend) and it has been magical!

What’s the hardest part of blogging/Instagram?

Honestly, I didn’t realize the amount of work that would have to go into them but I love keeping busy and I’m so in love with photography, affordable style, and all things aesthetic that to me, it’s very enjoyable. **The hardest part for me is trying to get engagement on photos that are not of me- my coffee photos, my photography photos, my flower photos, my feet photos (ha!) etc. BUT I will say that a lot of you have been appreciating those more and more and that makes me so happy!!**

How do you think of a new blog post every week?

Honestly, it’s not easy for me and I struggle with it often especially since my weeks are consumed with studying. I have a running list of ideas that have come up and I also get ideas from YOU (like this post!)

What would your advice be if I’m on the fence of starting a blog/Instagram feed that is more of a blog-based feed than college/friend feed?

DO IT. why wait? Seriously though- if you wan to do it, if you have the urge to create something, then DO IT. So what if your engagement is slow? So what if you don’t have 10,000 followers. So what if you don’t get a million likes? So what if you start getting little digs from people? You’re never going to achieve those goals if you never start.. make it happen. Leave the haters at the door and KEEP WALKING!

I think I covered the majority of questions I’ve been asked! If I didn’t cover anything please please PLEASE comment below or on my Instagram! I’m still so new to this and learning every day but again, I wanted to share what I’ve learned thus far!

Today’s Look

Everything is linked below! The T-shirt dress is from TrendLendNYC– they are AMAZING. It’s an online casual-clothing rental company that delivers to you!! Pick the piece of clothing you want, choose the day you think you’ll wear it, and they’ll deliver it! For returns, use the pre-paid shipping label that comes with it! GENIUS.

Enjoy the first weekend of fall!!



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