6 Things I Can’t Live Without

Happy Friday!!

Have you ever asked yourself what you couldn’t live without? Well, I’m answering that question today and let me tell you, it isn’t that easy! Family, friends, and pets will always be the answer, so I chose to think about the other things in life I couldn’t live without.

1. Hair ties– for the girls and for the guys rocking manbuns… seriously, are you able to go a whole 24 hours without using a hair tie?! If you can, talk to me because I need to know how. I’ve recently been intrigued by these types! Has anyone used them? If yes, thoughts?

2. Country music– I could listen to country music for the rest of my life and never get sick of it. Something about it soothes my soul and never fails to bring me to a good place.

3. Ice cream– nothing more needs to be said.

4. Hot sauce– I seriously put that s*** on e v e r y t h i n g. everything. I love it so much. My top picks are Franks Red Hot, Sriracha, and Texas Pete, but I will accept any and all hot sauces.

5. Lebanese food– it’s in my blood (I’m Lebanese) and I feel deprived if I go 5 days without it.

6. Body lotion– I can’t do it. I lotion every single day and feel like I’m missing something if I don’t! Also, come October/ November I start getting asked, “how do you still look tan?” My answer is, “I lotion every day!” And no, it’s not tanning lotion, it’s usually Nivea. I swear it keeps that color longer than if you didn’t lotion!

Today’s Look

I found this one piece and straw hat from Aerie! They were both on sale and I couldn’t pass up the deal! I’m not one for too many cut-outs, but I thought this piece was the perfect mix of sexy/classy! I linked a couple more I thought were extremely cute and they’re all on sale…! Bracelets are Sixty Stax!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Think about what you couldn’t live your life without!



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