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Happy Friday!!

Besides the fact that I had the worst parking garage experience of my life that left me in tears (I was that mad) this week was a really great one and seemed to have flown by!

I’ve recently received a few messages asking about where I shop and more specifically, where I go to find those unique pieces for events such as weddings. So, I thought I’d go through my closet and put together a quick list of my top stores/brands.

Here we go!

1. Aritzia– this place will never fail you. I talked about it briefly in a recent post but I thought I’d chit-chat about it more now! So if you go to the site, you might see that the clothing is a little bit pricey but this is why Aritzia is my place for my investment pieces. As my style changes a mile a minute, I want pieces that I know I can always rely on, the ones that are always in style. THAT’S ARITZIA. Buy smart here– don’t get the flimsy t-shirts and shorts that you can find anywhere- invest in the sweaters, dresses, and blouses that will last you years! They have limited locations so online is always a good idea! Absolutely love this place.

2. Bloomingdales– Okay so everyone knows Bloomingdales and to be honest, it is usually a hit or miss for me. Might sound strange but I get overwhelmed in big department stores so much that I usually just want to leave and get something to eat- Ha! BUT if you’re in a committing-to-shop mood, then spend your time looking through! I usually go to Bloomies when I’m looking for dresses. Great brands that are my usual go-to are:

Aqua, Likely, Elizabeth and James, and French Connection – now, I’m not promising that you’ll find the dresses you want here or the price, but if you feel like you’re always searching with no direction, these options could be great!

For regular every day clothes: Like I said above, my style changes all the time and I get bored of what I have, so I typically shop for great a look but also a great price! (I hope you’ve noticed)

1. PACSUN– I don’t know how many people I’ve surprised by saying this is my #1 place where I shop for the majority of my outfits. They always have such a great selection of the trendiest but well-priced clothes. LOVE THEM. Also get a ton of my bathing suits from here!! They also have BrandyMelville– can’t go wrong with their prices and their trendiness!

2. Cotton On– this place is amazing for those flimsy t-shirts that you don’t care if you never wear again, but they’re extremely cute at the same time!

3. J. Crew and Madewell– these two are just always on the list. Don’t think I need to explain them!

4. Forever 21– okay I don’t shop here often, at all, BUT I do find great bathing suits which leads me to…

Today’s Look

This sunset-ombre one piece caught my eye the minute I saw it! Although I love one pieces, they could get a little annoying when you have to keep adjusting the wedgie but it’s worth it! Unfortunately, this one from Forever 21 is out of stock. Here is a very similar one although a bit pricey!  The bracelets that I haven’t taken off are SixtyStax! They are the perfect compliment to any and all outfits!

Alright, well I hope this little bit of information is somewhat helpful! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below! Love to read them!

Like always, I hope you have a beautiful weekend! I have some EXCITING news to share this weekend!! eek!!



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