The Perfect Little Black Jumpsuit

Happy Friday!!

This week was incredibly stressful with so many exams, but I made it through and couldn’t be happier that it’s Friday! We also have a long weekend ahead of us!! Today I’m sharing the outfit I posted on my Instagram that got an absurd amount of recognition- thank you thank you THANK YOU!

So, wedding season is here (yay!) and if we think finding the perfect dress to wear as a guest is difficult and stressful, imagine the bride! Typically I would stay away from black, especially during summer weddings but for some reason I could not find any dresses that fit the feeling/look I was going for. Overall I feel like my style is simple, comfortable but classy, and I wanted to bring that out. After looking all over and being disappointed with the dresses I was trying on, I decided to go back to the basics.

When I think of basics, I think of Aritzia– this store is the PERFECT store for your staple clothing pieces. I swear I have a black wrap dress that I have worn many times and it never fails me. (Although a bit pricey, I promise you their clothing is well-made and timeless)

Today’s Look

This black jumpsuit is from Aritzia and it was love at first sight!! The high neck made it classy, the wide-legged pants made it incredibly comfortable, and the back made it a little sexy! I dressed it up with these beautiful earrings! Heels are my go-to! My clutch is actually from a Lebanese designer that I’m obsessed with- this is her full website!

To anyone who has weddings this summer/fall, don’t be afraid of simple! I know florals and colors are so trendy right now but you can never go wrong with a timeless look! Dress it up with some fun jewelry/ crazy heels and you just took that simple piece up 10 notches!

I’m thinking about taking this jumpsuit and dressing it down! Comment and let me know if that’s something you’d like to see/ Also if you have any other comments or questions!

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL Fourth of July Weekend!! I’m planning on enjoying every second!



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