Plant Heaven Coffee Shop

Happy Friday!!

Although it was a short week because of the holiday weekend (hope you had a great one!), I honestly felt like it was the longest week EVER. Why does that always seem to happen?

Also, how is it JUNE!? that’s insane.

Anyways, I wanted to share this adorable plant-filled coffee shop today because I think it is the perfect place to spend a Saturday or Sunday brunch if you’re in the Philly area!

PS & Co is 100% organic, vegan, and gluten free (we had no idea) BUT the food was AMAZING.

I got the breakfast tacos and they were SO tasty, and SO healthy! My mom got a french toast- probably the best french toast I’ve ever tried and she didn’t feel full or sick OR GUILTY after it either!

This cafe is full of life- there are plants everywhere and they even have a back patio with cute hanging christmas lights! If you just want to stop in and grab a 100% organic smoothie, a coffee, or a meal, I’m certain it will be well worth your time, and your stomach will thank you.

Today’s Look

It’s really simple (i love simple). These white ripped jeans are from Gap and they’re on sale! The sweater is actually extremely old from J.Crew. The jean jacket is from Levi’s- it’s a great touch of contrast! The espadrille sneakers are from Target!

Alright, so I’m slowly making my way around Philly and can’t wait to find more places to share! It’s #nationaldoughnutday so I’m going to spend my Friday/weekend searching for the best doughnuts in town. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!



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