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Happy Friday!!

I am beyond excited to share my new apartment studio with you guys!! It has been so incredibly fun decorating this tiny 400 square foot apartment and making it come to life!

Side note: I feel like studios should be included in HGTV’s Tiny House series.

When I was looking for an apartment I knew I wanted:

1. white walls

2. as many windows as possible (sunlight is everything to me)


Clean and simple, fresh but cozy were the feelings I wanted to feel in my place after a long day. After a couple trips and many apartments later, I finally found this perfect little place!


I was on a tight budget (who isn’t) and I had some furniture from a previous apartment but I knew I didn’t want to replicate my old apartment exactly

 SO with the help of Pinterest and Instagram, I began to piece together the furniture I was keeping with inspiration of new possible pieces (if found/affordable).

Safe to say Ikea, Target, and HomeGoods are Godsent.

  • Couch: Ikea Don’t be hesitant about white! the cover is washable!
  • Pillows: Target  and here and here (They’re all currently on sale!!)
  • Stripe throw blanket: more from Target Comes in a variety of colors!
  • Coffee table: bought those from a friend! sorry! Ikea has a great selection of them though!
  • Fake flowers on coffee table: Michaels believe it or not! I got these about 2 years ago but I would definitely recommend going into the store and exploring a little- they have amazing things that you wouldn’t expect!
  • Candle: Anthropologie – I don’t know one person who is not obsessed with this specific candle- I need it as a perfume
  • Rug: HomeGoods! But of course Target has something similar. My recommendation: Go to HomeGoods frequently if you’re looking for something specific- they are always getting new furniture and inventory- I literally went one day, didn’t find any rugs I liked and went back 2 days later and found this baby!
  • Mirror: Target of course!
  • Dresser: Ikea Proud to say my mom and I put this together BY HAND.. only took us about 7 hours
    • FLOWER DIVIDER: Ikea!!!!!! (also comes in white) all pots in the stand are Ikea too! I know a lot of you had commented on my Instagram post about this- I saw it on Pinterest and needed it- It is my FAVORITE

All plants were purchased from Ikea! I have 5 fake plants in the stand and the rest are all REAL! My large plant in the corner was $12 from Ikea!! Guys.. unreal. SO HAPPY

I am head over heels for this little tiny studio I get to call home! If you guys have any questions leave me a comment!

Have a beautiful weekend! get out- explore- and ENJOY!



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