“change” meaning anything- a change in… jobs, friends, relationships, school, living situation.. really anything

Right off the bat, I think about all the negatives: how hard it is, how stressful it is, how it can be paralyzing, how you dread it, how you’re nervous about the unknown, simply- how much you just hate change. 

Recently, I’ve been going through many changes (relationships, family, career, moving) and without a doubt, every change that I have gone through was met with the above emotions.

Although it is so much easier to dwell on the negatives.. to have a pity party for yourself.. being negative is such a terrible feeling and honestly it brings zero happiness.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t let yourself feel those emotions (feel them!! dwell on them for as long as you need), but at some point, you need to accept the change and try to look at the positives

Positives: a new start, a new opportunity, a blank slate to create something beautiful, a chance to have a new perspective on how change can be for the better

The recent changes in my life have been hard to accept initially, but now I can only see them as blessings and I am SO thankful for them. They brought me this blog! a photography business! a new career path! AND a new city!

Today’s Look

So I wore this the whole day of my big move and while it may not look comfortable, it was beyond comfortable!

Overalls: Forever 21 (extremely comfortable, spent the whole day in them!) T-shirt: J Crew (on sale!) Sandals: Soludos or similar look (obsessed with Soludos)

Really quick: moving is stressful especially when you have your whole family with you including your grandma (love her) and everyone has an accent and can barely understand each other and they all have their own opinion of how things should be loaded and unloaded and arranged in your apartment and decorated and everyone is trying to fit in the elevator but we obviously can’t because theres a mattress and a coffee table and a couch and O.M.G.

a good laugh at the end of the day, even better memory!

BRING ON CHANGE is all I’m saying



P.S. more about decorating and apartment things coming soon! Also, no, my apartment is not fully decorated/furnished in these photos!

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