bwe kafe

Here I go again with coffee shops! I love finding and photographing them, so just to give you a warning, there will be PLENTY of them in my blog! 

The coffee shop I found this week is called bwe kafe and it has two locations in NJ, one in Hoboken and the other in Jersey City. (I went to the one in Hoboken!) 

When I’m looking for a cute coffee shop to work in or just to go and enjoy a cup, I want it to feel like I can breathe and be inspired. Starbucks is great and all but true genuine coffee shops draw me in more! 

inspiring story: bwe kafe has a really neat background story. In short- the owner of bwe kafe felt like she needed to take action after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. She visited the country immediately and returned many times after to continue helping and supporting the people of Haiti- even creating organizations. To continue her support, she came up with the idea to open a coffee shop that only serves Haitian coffee (they teamed up with La Colombe). She sends a portion of the proceeds to Haiti to help build their community and youth education and another portion to Coffee for Water which provides filtration services in Haiti. 

how amazing?!

Okay so what to get: I had probably one of the best mochas of my life as well as a delicious chocolate croissant. They didn’t offer any meals, but had a great selection of pastries! 

If you’re a coffee lover-go. If you’re an aesthetic lover-go. If you want to be inspired-go!



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