We All Start Somewhere

Happy Friday!!

This past Tuesday morning, I woke up and saw that I had 5,000 followers on Instagram. FIVE THOUSAND. I sat there in bed and just thought to myself “My goodness!! Five thousand people are following me, seeing my photos, reading my words.. how?!.. from where?!”

Honestly, the growth is mind boggling to me and before I continue this post, I just want to say that I’m so appreciative of every single person who has reached out to me since starting this journey. The kind messages, filled with endless amounts of compliments and supporting words, bring tears to my eyes. Reaching 5k + all the emotions really motivated me to reflect about this experience so far.

So how have I been able to organically grow to 5k within six months of starting my blog? Well, it’s simple. I started. You cannot achieve anything in this life if you don’t start somewhere. It may be so daunting to have a goal that seems impossible, but it’s only impossible if you keep looking at it and not taking any steps towards it. Goals and dreams will remain unrealistic if YOU DO NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEM.

Okay great, so now you’re possibly thinking- yeah, well I started and I’m stuck in a rut- not going anywhere. Or you’re thinking you’ve failed because you haven’t reached your goal after some time. To that I say, and truly believe, that there are no failures. Every “fail” is a lesson learned. Take that fail, keep it in the front of your head and make new changes. No goal will be achieved easily unless you cheat.

Goals and dreams take time. You need to work hard day in and day out until you get there. If it is something you really want, but you’re not getting, first evaluate yourself and your work ethic towards that goal. You cannot complain until you’ve put in all your time and energy. In the end, you can only do your best and work as hard as you possibly can.

Be kind to yourself. Reaching goals takes time. Patience is annoying as hell- I know it first hand,  but that doesn’t mean you throw away your work ethic, your dreams, your goals.

I hope my words motivate you to start. Start whatever it is you’ve been thinking about. Start by changing your mindset. Start by networking and contacting people. Start by asking questions. Start by researching. Start by setting smaller goals that will lead you to the bigger goal. YOU CAN DO THIS. I know because I AM DOING IT.

Today’s Look

I’m always wearing simple, easy pieces- especially during the colder months! Everything below is also linked on my “shop” page! If you don’t have LikeToKnowIt and you’d like to shop with much more ease, look into getting the app!

Comfy/cute Overalls look: 

Cozy/lazy Sweatshirt & BeanBoots:

Velvet Casual:

Casual Sneakers: 

So as we’re wrapping up 2017, reflect and motivate yourself to set goals, both big and small, that you WILL achieve in 2018.

Never hesitate to contact me if you want to talk! Have a great weekend! Stay cozy!



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