Living Alone

Happy Friday!!

Over the last several months I’ve gotten some messages about how it is to be living alone and any advice I have for taking the leap!

I’m going to start by saying living alone has been the BEST DECISION EVER.

I am scared of my own shadow so let’s talk about fears for a second. I had so many fears, ESPECIALLY since I was moving to a new city, starting a new program, and the list continues. I kept having anxious thoughts like will I be lonely? Will I feel unsafe? Will I be homesick? Will I be in a panic every time I’m walking home?

The answer to those questions is YES- sometimes you will feel those emotions and fears BUT you learn how to manage and cope! It is truly amazing how much you learn about yourself and how strong and independent you become.

The fears will never go away (at least they haven’t for me) but you just start to realize that the benefits of living alone are FAR more than the risks and fears. Coming home after a long day of talking to classmates or patients and not having to talk to anyone as well as having the freedom to do whateverย you please is

!A M A Z I N G!

So here’s a small list of why living alone is the best and why you shouldn’t be afraid!

1. If you don’t want to talk to anyone, you don’t have to!ย If you want to talk to someone, invite them over or call them!

2. You can wake up as early as you’d like, sleep in as late as you’d like, or stay up as late as you’d like!

3. You can decorate your apartment however you please!

4. You can leave the dirty dishes in the sink for days if you wish and you will NEVER have to hear someone tell you or nag you to clean them!

5. You can watch or listen to whatever the hell you please!

6. You can come and go as you please! – you never have to feel bad for leaving for days on end or staying in bed for days on end!

7. There is absolutely NO pettiness to stress about. You never have to walk into a tension filled home!

8. So much alone time to reflect on yourself and your day

9. You appreciate the time spent with others so much more!

10. I truly believe your self love and pride grows- you truly see what you’re capable of doing and accomplishing!

If the thought has crossed your mind and you have the opportunity to live alone,ย I strongly encourage you to do it. Just do it! I promise you’ll learn so much about yourself, your wants, your enjoyments, your fears, and your strength!

If you live alone and have any other tips let me know! Have a beautiful weekend! Happy November!



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