You Do What You Value

Happy Friday!!

Really wanted to share something that I have held close to my heart the last several months and even more the last several weeks. Back in the winter/spring, I had a professor who continued to repeat and incorporate the phrase “you do what you value” in almost every lecture. Every time I heard it I thought to myself, well yeah! Duh! Why would we do things we don’t value! But heres the thing- ask yourself the question and analyze your life in 5 seconds to see if you actually do what you value.

I personally answered this question with “I value my health and family” first and foremost. And in the 5 second analysis, I realized I have not exercised in way too long that I won’t even share with you, I eat things that really are not the best for my health at times, I don’t always get the sleep I truly need, and then most times when I’m with my family I’m either on my phone quite frequently or not fully present for some other reason.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that even with that realization, I really didn’t make the changes I should have until recently. Here I am in nursing school and we’re learning how to educate potential future patients on health, exercise, and wellness (the things I “value”) but how can I do that if I am not practicing those values myself!

So, that brings me to the moment I decided I was actually going to start doing what I value. For me, it’s extremely hard to motivate myself to go to the gym, run, do the elliptical, or any of the other machines. I kept thinking how I can motivate myself when I thought of one of my closest friends who’s been going to Pure Barre and raves about it. For my 24th birthday I asked for a one month membership (great birthday present idea btw) and I am being so honest when I say I LOVE IT.

There are a couple of reasons why I love Pure Barre but one of the top reasons is that it holds me accountable. Once you sign up for a class, you have to PAY if you do not attend or do not cancel within 4 hours of the start of class!! What a perfect incentive and motivation for someone who really would rather stay in bed?! (me) I’m also investing my money into the membership so it makes me want to make every penny worth it! Not only have I seen the changes in my body but I am also so proud of myself that I’m able to truthfully say I am doing what I value.

Today’s Look

A couple weeks ago when I was starting Pure Barre I had asked my Instagram followers for recommendations on activewear. So amazing how social media can work because a friend reached out got me in touch with this company, Delmonico NY! Their activewear is well priced and so comfortable. I personally love high waisted anything so their pants are perfect and their sports bras are sexy yet comfortable and secure! I teamed up with them to give 20% off so use code “viv20” if you’re interested!!

My solution may not be your solution, and my values may not be your values, but whatever they are, make sure you do them! Start investing your time and money into the things you actually care about. And keep the phrase “you do what you value” close to you as a reminder!

Have a great weekend, go out and explore and possibly make the change you’ve been telling yourself you need to make!



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