10 Hacks for Packing Efficiently

10 Hacks for Packing Efficiently
10 Hacks for Packing Efficiently

My 10 hacks for packing efficiently and aesthetically! Although I’m constantly on the move and traveling, I still find packing such a daunting process. To make life a little easier, I have become a creature of habit and these tips have become the perfect guide for anytime I’m packing. Below, I listed out my 10 hacks for packing efficiently and hope they help you to organize yourself as well! 

* BEFORE ANYTHING: make a list of the itinerary you have (even if it’s rough) and write out what you’d be wearing for each event/ day *

  1. Lay everything out by category, this helps to see what you need to pack and create a clear outline for what goes into each packing cube.
  2. (CUTE) packing cubes have been a game changer for me! They help to pack everything according to category (pajamas, workout, undies/bras/socks, full outfits) and keep my suitcase extremely organized.  
  3. Roll everything into your packing cubes and place into suitcase like tetris! Creates so much more space than if you were to fold.
  4. Small jewelry box with essentials (code VIV15)! Just bring the essentials 
  5. Daily makeup in a clear cosmetic case so you can see where everything is as you use it throughout the trip. I also split up my makeup by “daily/minimal” and “full face” makeup bags. 
  6. Designated tech case for all of your charging cords, headphones, etc. – leave this in your carry-on so it’s in hand-reach!
  7. Pack your suitcase on the first level of your house (if you can) so you don’t have to carry a heavy suitcase down the stairs.
  8. Designated travel uniform!!! I LIVE by this! I have my favorite travel fit that I wear on repeat to ensure I am comfortable and not scrambling for something to wear the night before or day of- it includes layers because you never know the weather on public transportation 🙂 
  9. Wear chunky/heavy shoes with airport uniform. I always wear my heavy sneakers so they don’t take up space in my suitcase, plus they’re comfortable.
  10. Wear a crossbody bag to the airport! You become hands-free and you have everything right in front of you. No more digging through your duffle for your passport or wallet! 
  11. Just an added *bonus* is to have cute travel bags (suitcasesdufflesbackpacks – code VIV10 for Calpak) to help make you even more excited to pack and travel! 
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